We build layers of quality control through the production and post production process right up to and including the master deliverable. We test the final product on a large screen using a reference grade high definition projection system. We can cut in original license-free music precisely timed to he action: you keep the worldwide distribution rights to your video. All on a budget!
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We will go to your location and rapidly set up a production studio there. All our equipment is professional broadcast grade production cameras, lighting, audio recording, backdrops, Green Screen technology and whatever other equipment is necessary to gather visually appealing and relevant content to drive your message.

Do you want your customers to see a tour of your site? We have a variety of options for shooting motion stabilized video. We can shoot on a dolly, camera crane or Steadicam. We can bring the camera through a real property, medical or dental office, hospital, industrial setting, food service or hospitality setting and produce shots that appear as though the camera is floating though the air.

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We produce high quality polished video resumés for your professional job searches and contract proposals. The video can be produced in high definition or standard definition with archival material, such as photos and logos. We add professional text graphics and our endorsements. We offer deliverables for YouTube channeling, or DVDs and we can embed the videos directly into a PDF resumé file. See how you can stand out with a professionally produced video resumé, the hottest approach in today's job market.
For structured presentations, such as training and continuing education videos, we will storyboard the production with the client. We can employ teleprompter technology so that your presenter is comfortable and assured in front of the camera. When the video is cut we will specially encode it with essential metadata and we will produce a highly structured DVD that contains searchable chapter indexes to the content.
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Need a short video concisely promoting your business, product or service? Advertisements for cable television or cinema venues usually run between 15 and 30 seconds. In that time frame you need precisely timed visuals, narrative and high impact graphics to drive your message to the audience. Every businessman wants a message that will stick in the viewers' minds. We will work with you to develop content that drives your message home to the viewer in that limited time span. Every businessperson has an elevator speech. What makes your business unique and desirable? What do you have to offer that will stimulate customer preferences? We work with you to distill your message.