Welcome to Veni Video Vici Productions, LLC

Veni Video Vici Productions is a full service video production house specializing in high quality video production on a budget.
Greetings! I'm proud to update you on our many products and services. Veni Video Vici Productions, LLC offers high quality professional video production on a budget to businesses, government, schools, non-profit organizations and the general public. Our mission is to deliver an economical high quality product that drives your message to the audience. We offer web videos, mobile device videos with menus, fully authored DVDs and Blu-ray discs. We produce our videos on-location. We rapidly construct a video production studio on-location, with professional broadcast grade cameras, professional lighting and audio equipment, backdrops and specialty equipment to meet your coverage needs and requirements. Need a site tour? We offer advanced motion-stabilized video production options for the most appealing visual experience. Need to examine medical films or other fine details in enlarged views? We offer extreme close-up videography in high definition, enlarging your material up to 64x. Need to produce a highly structured and detailed presentation? We will produce your video on-location with a teleprompter. Load your script and we're ready to go. Your presentation structure can be reflected in a fully authored DVD. Contact us for a highly detailed, no obligation discussion on how to produce a successful product from concept through production, post-production and delivery. (201) 280-8614

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